[nfb-talk] Anyone here use a Trekker Breeze for a GPS?

Jim Portillo portillo.jim at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 07:46:30 UTC 2012



Recently, I obtained a Trekker Breeze and am pretty excited about its
possibilities and my ability to use it as a blind traveler.  However, now
that I've received it, I've begun encountering some issues that I am hoping
someone could answer.


First, I know I have the latest software on it.  However, I'd like to know
if maps get updated or how that might work.  I ask because while walking
around my general neighborhood today, I wanted to know about some of the
restaurants near-by.  I got several places that are no longer there because
of either a fire that happened a couple of years ago or closing.  

In fact, I tried finding a Teriyaki place today that I didn't even know
existed, only to find out that it did exist at one time before it was
involved in that fire.  Some of these other places either closed or changed
owners and names, so this is how I know the stuff isn't current.


So, what do folks do about updating maps and places?  If for some reason
these things aren't really updated, then I'm seeing what could be a great
disadvantage to the otherwise great Breeze!  I felt such freedom using it
today until I ran into this problem.




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