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Why would you get in trouble posting a Braille Monitor article on a 
NFB list, particularly one called nfb-talk?


At 04:50 PM 2/29/2012, you wrote:
>Hope I don't get into trouble here, but below is an article from the 
>January 2012 "Braille Monitor" from the NFB about the Jernigan 
>Convention scholarships.  April 15th is the deadline.  Hope it helps.
>Bennett Prows
> From the Editor: Allen Harris chairs the Kenneth Jernigan 
> Convention Scholarship Fund committee. He has an important 
> announcement for those who would like to attend this year's 
> national convention but find themselves short of funds. This is what he says:
>The Kenneth Jernigan Convention Scholarship Fund is looking for 
>individuals who can use some financial assistance to attend our 
>national convention in Dallas, Texas. In 2012 our convention will 
>begin on Saturday, June 30, and run through Thursday, July 5. The 
>convention is a day shorter than you might expect, ending with the 
>banquet Thursday evening.
>Who is eligible to receive a Kenneth Jernigan Convention Scholarship?
>If you are a member of the National Federation of the Blind who has 
>not yet attended a national convention, you are eligible to apply.
>What do I have to do to apply for a Kenneth Jernigan Convention Scholarship?
>You must do the following and are responsible for these application 
>1. Find out who your state NFB president is and get him or her to 
>write a letter of recommendation for you, or you may have a chapter 
>president or other officer write a letter of recommendation, but we 
>must have a letter from a Federation leader who is familiar with you.
>2. You must write a letter to the Kenneth Jernigan Fund committee 
>expressing the reasons why you want a scholarship. Describe your 
>participation in the Federation and what you think you would get and 
>give to the convention. Please send all information to Allen Harris, 
>5209 Sterling Glen Drive, Pinson, Alabama 35126, or email the 
>information to <kjscholarships at nfb.org>.
>3. You must register for and attend the entire convention, including 
>the banquet.
>What else must I do to insure that my application will be considered?
>We must receive all of the following:
>1. Your full name
>2. Your address
>3. Your telephone numbers (home, business, cell)
>4. Your email address (if you have one)
>5. Your state president's name and the name of your local chapter, 
>if you attend one
>All applications must be received by April 15, 2012.
>How do I get my scholarship funds?
>You will get a debit card at the convention loaded with the amount 
>of your scholarship award. The times and locations to pick up your 
>debit card will be listed in the notice you receive if you are a 
>scholarship winner. The committee is not able to provide funds 
>before the convention, so work with your chapter and state affiliate 
>to assist you by advancing funds you can pay back when you receive 
>your scholarship.
>When will I know if I have been selected as a Kenneth Jernigan 
>Scholarship winner?
>The committee makes every effort to notify scholarship winners by 
>May 15, but you must do several things to be prepared to attend if 
>you are chosen:
>1. You must make your own hotel reservation. If something prevents 
>you from attending, you can cancel your reservation.
>2. You will receive a letter with the convention details which 
>should answer many of your questions. It is also helpful to find a 
>mentor from your chapter or affiliate to act as a friend and advisor 
>during the convention. Although you will not know officially whether 
>or not you have been selected until mid-May, you must make plans to 
>attend and then adjust your plans accordingly.
>Last summer in Orlando the Jernigan Fund scholarship committee 
>awarded sixty-four Kenneth Jernigan Scholarships. The average grant 
>was $500. You can include in your letter to the committee any 
>extenuating circumstances which the committee may choose to take 
>into consideration. Above all, please use this opportunity to attend 
>your first convention and join several thousand other blind 
>Federationists in the most important meeting of the blind in the world.
>If you have questions or need additional information, call Allen 
>Harris at (205) 520-9979 or email him at <kjscholarships at nfb.org>. 
>We look forward to seeing you in Dallas.

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