[nfb-talk] mistake made in jury duty pool; would like advice

Ray Foret Jr rforetjr at att.net
Wed Mar 28 00:02:54 UTC 2012

Frankly, I feel like shit.  I really screwed up.  I won't bore y'all with every detail of what happened; but, it boils down to this.

	The judge started asking question, and everything was going well.  Then, he asked if we could all read and write the English language.  Here's where I fucked up.  YOu see, if your answer was yes, you kept your hand down;  if no, you raised it.  forgetting that for the moment, I raised my hand.  The judge then confirmed that I was blind and had counsel approach.  I was then dismissed.  didn't even get a chance to explain how I could handle stuff.  So, I tried to save the situation by having it officially entered in to the court records that I wished for my name to remain in the potential jury pool for next summons.  My only recourse, now, as I see it, is to write the judge a letter explaining how I would deal with things like that as a blind person.  When I said to the judge, "I want to make it clear that I do NOT want to have my name removed from the potential jury pool!", the judge said,
	"I will certainly not have your name removed.  I wish more people had your attitude.".  
	that's why a well written print or typed letter might, I feel, make an impression on the mind of the judge.  e-mail will just simply not do; and, a phone call would be even worse.  What I would like to know is this.  Given the circumstances, such things as the KNFB reader are just not feasible because I don't have nor can afford one.  Human readers seem doubtful because one would have to be sworn to the trial before dealing with documentation and other visual evidence.  Would it be possible for other blind people who have successfully served on juries before give me advice on what I can do to convince the judge of our competence?  I suspect that with the right approach, the judge might be willing to consider what I have to say.  It seems that it always hangs on the visual question.

So, there's my sucky day.

Oh if only I had kept my damn hand down!!

The Constantly Barefooted Ray!!!

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