[nfb-talk] Leather Cases for iPhone 5 / Braille Sense On-Hand

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Thu Nov 1 23:11:00 UTC 2012

>EPI has designed 3 new cases for the sight impaired community.
>First we have the iPhone 5 case:
>This case is a fitted leather case, that fits 
>snuggly around your iPhone 5. All connectors for 
>input/output have been cut out on the case so 
>that you don’t have to remove the unit from the case.
>This cases comes with a leather clip located on 
>the back of the phone so that you can clip it on to your belt.
>Price $30.00
>Link below
>Second is the iPhone 5 case with cover flap:
>This fitted leather case is the same as the 
>above case, but it comes with a cover flap to 
>protect the front part of your iPhone 5 unit. 
>The design on this unit is similar to the victor 
>reader case that we have created. The flap has a 
>zipper pocket to store your ear buds.
>Price $40.00
>Link below
>Third we have completed the case for the Braille Sense On-Hand:
>The EPI Braille Sense On-Hand case is a fitted 
>leather case that will not allow your unit to 
>slip out of this case. It is a form fit custom 
>leather case that enables the Braille Sense 
>On-Hand user to easily utilize the note taker. 
>The case comes with a comfortable shoulder strap 
>that will secure your unit while in transit. The 
>face of the unit is covered with a zipper pocket 
>cover which may be opened / closed with magnetic 
>closures. The zipper pocket cover may be flipped 
>on to the rear and secured under the unit if the 
>user needs to utilize the note taker while 
>walking. The large zipper pocket can store your 
>ear buds and other items which provide security 
>and protection. It is designed to enable the 
>user to utilize your Braille Sense On Hand while 
>the case is on. The case is equipped with black 
>plastic hooks to provide security, durability 
>and safety. EPI continues the tradition of 
>creating functional, durable and beautiful fitted cases. Made in the U.S.A.
>****Shipment will begin on Nov 9, 2012****
>•The Braille Sense On-Hand will not slip out of this case.
>•Accessibility to data ports, headphone, all keys and other ports.
>•The zipper pocket may be used to store date cards, ear buds, etc.
>•Keyboard is exposed while the cover is open
>•Extremely durable with a superior design.
>Price $80.00
>Link below
>If you need help with ordering please call us at 818-833-8080
>Executive Products Inc.
>12900 Bradley Ave.
>Sylmar Ca. 91342.
>Fax: 818-833-5890
>Office: 818-833-8080
>Mobile: 818-723-8444

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