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 MAGic Screen Magnification Software Screenshot
Free MAGic 12 Update

We've updated our MAGicR Screen Magnification Software with some great
enhancements, including: 
*	Toggle Navigation Quick Keys on and off
*	Even better screen rendering performance for smoother movement of
the mouse pointer, better focus tracking, and more
*	Enhanced performance with Citrix, Gmail, Internet Explorer, Excel,
Outlook, PowerPoint, Open Office, and Skype
This is a free update for all MAGic 12 users. 
Learn more about all of the new enhancements in MAGic 12. 
Updating your copy of MAGic is easy. Press ALT+F to open the MAGic menu,
then choose the Help submenu, and select Check for Updates. Alternatively,
you can
zupTSI0dj-MJeVNRhbi9gSjDc1f8uMAFdLSeaEMZTnVM69KjcIS8miOavyaXHQ==> download
the full release of MAGic here. 
This release will also run as a 40-minute demo - for those who would like to
evaluate this latest version of MAGic, which is packed with new features and
sports a great new look and feel. 

MAGic 12 Competitive Upgrade Extended Through April 30, 2013

If you're impressed with what you see, and we've no doubt you will be, take
advantage of our competitive upgrade offer for single and multi-users. For a
limited time only, when you upgrade from ZoomTextR to MAGic, you will
$199 - Single User (retail value $769) 
.         MAGic with Speech Screen Magnification software
.         MAGic Large Print Keyboard
.         MAGic Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) 
$995 - Multi-user (retail value $2,885)
.         5-seat license MAGic with Speech Screen Magnification software
.         5 MAGic Large Print Keyboards
.         5-seat MAGic Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) 
This offer is only available until April 30, so don't delay. For more
information, view the full list of
_6BwPIy259xUyULamyVeqzhznrM=> terms and conditions that apply to this offer.


Sneak Peek at JAWS 15 at CSUN

Once again, Freedom Scientific offered a wide range of presentations at the
CSUN Conference on Technology and Persons with Disabilities. Our extensive
range of low vision, blindness, and learning disability solutions were
demonstrated by our AT product experts. 
One of the most talked about events at the conference was a presentation by
Eric Damery, who shared an early version of JAWSR 15 Screen Reading
Software. While there will be many exciting new features revealed later this
year, Eric highlighted one of the most anticipated - JAWS working with
Windows 8 tablet computers. These devices, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro
and Lenovo IdeaPad, give you the benefits of a touch-screen-based tablet
computer, but the power of Windows, meaning you can run JAWS, Microsoft
Office, and other Windows software. Use them as a tablet when browsing
content such as news and sports, and use them as a laptop when serious work
needs to get done. 
We'll be showing much more of this technology at the consumer conventions in
July, and featuring more on FSCast later in the year. 

FSCast Features the Focus 80 Blue, WYNN 7

March's edition of FSCast, Freedom Scientific's official podcast, features
an interview with Ron Miller, who discusses the Focus 80 Blue, our latest
wireless refreshable Braille display. We talk about the entire Focus Blue
family and how to determine which display is right for you. 
Beth Thomlinson then joins us to discuss many of the exciting new features
in version 7 of our WYNNT literacy software. 
You won't want to miss an episode, and you won't if you
uqjKuIntkfE0gXiVIrE_-n80nd1XibqjOtHRvry8> subscribe to FSCast. The
subscription is free, and delivers notification right to your computer when
new FSCasts are released. If you did miss a previous FSCast, catch up by
visiting the FSCast archives to
uqjKuIntkfE0gXiVIrE_-n80nd1XibqjOtHRvry8> download FSCast episodes in MP3. 
Remember, with JAWS now providing excellent support for iTunes, you can
subscribe to FSCast through the iTunes Store. 

Freedom Scientific's Mission

To develop, manufacture, and market technology-based products that provide
equal access to information and computing for those with vision impairments
or learning disabilities.

OTbmsl_k9ySVolsx9O3AUxn6b5SZslmViPoj-0ZxV_5CzR5TgNpJDYPKpTPuVA==> JAWS Home
2F2TRpd1wvkT9gnY--bLNXhQryOyGEzE5rSvytvCh3Vf7Oxa4ROzyhZUemGZmw==> Blindness
Fs6yTYNwtdHOAOPOwCuDHdoulOL9TkKuAV0fNv91_1Ko2R5jfMEnA30it62o4g==> Low Vision
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