[nfb-talk] emails

Anna Givens annajee82 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 24 01:29:02 UTC 2013

I just joined this mailing list recently and am rather confused about
how to read it and reply to things.  Is there an easier way to read
it?  Because the way it is displayed in my email is that the most
recent post is first, so I have to scroll down and find the first
message on that thread and then go up from there, then to read the
next thread I have to go find the beginning of that.  It gets very
confusing to me.  Also, if I want to reply to a certain message in the
email, how do I do that?  By simply replying to the email, I am not
specifying a certain message....
I get my emails in digest mode...
Can anyone help me ?

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