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Wed Apr 24 12:48:58 UTC 2013

I would change to regular mode.  It is a lot easier to navigate, save what you want and reply to what you want.  This way, only the current e-mail will be included with your reply.
Welcome to the group.

Terry Powers from Maryland

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Well, you have found the major disadvantage of digest mode for blind persons.  Most of us "top post" which means you reply to a message, and put your reply at the top.  People who get regular mode just read the top message, in a string, and a little more if it is new to them, or they don't remember. then delete and move on.  In digest mode you get strings of strings of messages and it is confusing.  There may be a unique word like From: at the beginning of each string, I don't remember, and you could search for that.

Most of us read in regular mode because it is easier.


At 08:29 PM 4/23/2013, you wrote:
>I just joined this mailing list recently and am rather confused about 
>how to read it and reply to things.  Is there an easier way to read it?  
>Because the way it is displayed in my email is that the most recent 
>post is first, so I have to scroll down and find the first message on 
>that thread and then go up from there, then to read the next thread I 
>have to go find the beginning of that.  It gets very confusing to me.  
>Also, if I want to reply to a certain message in the email, how do I do 
>that?  By simply replying to the email, I am not specifying a certain 
>I get my emails in digest mode...
>Can anyone help me ?

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