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Yes, Ed, it is a real book.  

Authored by Helen Schucman and William Thetford, it was first published in
1976 and is in its third edition.They were frustrated by the approach of
psychotherapy of the day when they began compiling it in 1965.  Helen
believed she was drawing inspiration from an inner voice she said identified
itself as Jesus.  It is based on a philosophy of forgiveness.  The
Foundation for Inner Peace handles the rights today.  

The book is a three volume set including the text, workbook for students and
manual for teachers.

It is often considered to be based on ideas which are part of the New
Thought spiritual movement.  

Bill Outman 

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My wife is reading a novel, Through Gilly's Eyes, Memoirs of a Guide Dog.
The human is not adjusted, and not well trained in alternate techniques, and
a psychologist he is seeing recommends he read A COURSE IN MIRACLES, to help
him get rid of his frustrations and anger. Is this a real book, and does
anyone know anything about it. Ed Meskys
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