[nfb-talk] Audible.com to exclude Victor Reader Stream

Ashley Bramlett bookwormahb at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 3 19:36:33 UTC 2013

Yikes, thanks for the clarification. Still i I think that is  a wrong 
policy; to only support IOS and android devices excluding lots of mp3 
players; what about Olympus recorders that played some audio books; probably 
they won't be able to do that anymore.

If they do still support the stream, this IMO is great since as you said its 
an existing product, just an upgraded version.

Also, it would be good if someone put an official audible statement on here 
so we don't keep speculating.

Also, I assume you can do the old fashioned way with audible still. I 
believe that you can listen on your pc or mac as well as burn a cd of the 
book. I don't belong to audible so don't know; but when I bought a book or 
two several years ago, you could burn a copy to a cd. Perhaps this is still 
an option if you have a boombox or other cd player.

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More to the point, I think it's important that we not make this into 
something it isn't.

It seems to me that Audible is now making an exception in the case of the 
Stream. They may be doing so by the fact that the new model of the Stream is 
another Stream, which is already supported. Thus, they're maintaining 
support for an existing line of devices. The Bookport DT, on the other 
hand,may be considered a new device line, and thus Audible may not support 
it on that basis, as they aren't adding support for new devices, generally 
speaking, electing instead to support only iOS and Android devices moving 
forward, possibly also Windows and Blackberry, but who knows.

This isn't a case of Audible picking on us poor unfortunate blind people, 
but rather of Audible  applying their existing policy to blindness specific 

Let's also not conjecture that Amazon, the parent company, is going to 
extend its persecution of the blind by having Brilliance audio stop 
providing content to NLS. There is absolutely no factual basis that I'm 
aware of to jump to such a conclusion, Kindle's inaccessibility aside. 
(Kindle is a special case, and almost feels like a separate company from the 
whole rest of Amazon anyway.)
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On Feb 2, 2013, at 6:39 PM, Ray Foret Jr <rforetjr at att.net> wrote:

> With respect Michael, I and others have heard otherwise.  I myself heard 
> otherwise from Humanware:  and, I've seen verious mesages from folks who 
> indicate that audible tells them otherwise as well.
> Sent from my mac
> Sincerely,
> The Constantly Barefooted Ray
> Still a very proud and happy Mac and Iphone user!
> On Feb 2, 2013, at 2:42 PM, "Michael Hingson" <mike at michaelhingson.com> 
> wrote:
>> As you may know, Audible.com has chosen to exclude devices used by the 
>> blind
>> like the Book Port Desktop and the new  Victor ReaderStream from using
>> Audible. Below please find some important information which includes an
>> email address to write to about this unfortunate situation.
>> Bob Acosta
>>   Hi everyone,
>> I wanted to provide everyone with an email address to
>> send a complaint email to Audible about their decision to
>> no longer provide access to audible content to the new Victor reader
>> Stream. I telephoned Audible this morning and was advised that
>> the more complaints received by Audible, the better the hope is that
>> the policy will change. The email is greatideas at audible.com
>> Yes, I confirmed the address several times and this is the address
>> used by the department which deals with accessibility features.
>> I have no proof of this, but I suspect that this is the first
>> step in the process of limiting audible access to devices used
>> exclusively by the visually impaired community such as the Stream, the
>> Bookport and others. Not everyone has access to or can afford an Iphone 
>> and
>> I, for one, am distressed at Audible's business decision here.
>> Please consider sending an email to audible asking them to be
>> more accessible and continuing access to the stream, the bookport and 
>> other
>> devices for the visually impaired community. If we all make
>> some effort, maybe we can work together to improve access for everyone
>> who is visually impaired.
>> I have confirmed this from several sources.  Audible, or should we say
>> Amazon who owns Audible.com, is limiting the devices it will support for
>> playing Audible books.  Devices such as the new Victor Reader Stream and
>> other systems we use to read these books are excluded from supported
>> devices.  This is deplorable for a variety of reasons.
>> I urge everyone to write Audible opposing its position and requesting 
>> that
>> Audible support book readers developed for use by blind persons.
>> Best,
>> Michael Hingson
>> Michelle
>> Robert Acosta, President
>> Helping Hands for the Blind
>> Email: boacosta at pacbell.net
>> Web Site: www.helpinghands4theblind.org
>> You can assist Helping Hands for the Blind by donating your used 
>> computers
>> to us. If you have a blind friend in need of a computer, please mail us 
>> at
>> the above address.
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