[nfb-talk] Public Attitudes About Blindness:

Kenneth Chrane kenneth.chrane at verizon.net
Mon Feb 4 02:00:14 UTC 2013

Hi Kathy, go Ravens!
We are writing about what occurred on Thursday.
First, Audrey didn't make the Scene until 1:05 pm.
She Announced that she was going shopping.
She never called to tell me that she was going to be late.
She knows my phone number, there is no excuse, I told her one day when she came in, that it was quarter after 12 PM.
She wanted to know how I could tell, I told her that I can tell time.

I had the radio and TV on, that's how I can tell.
I also have a watch, and I can call the time.
Ken has talking clocks, and I have a Braille Watch, and I have a Braille clock, but I think it works for cooking.

It is on the back of the Refrigerator somewhere.

She didn't come back into the house until a quarter after 5 PM.

Ken had already gotten back from work.

He wasn't happy that we didn't have anything ready for us, and I can't blame him.

She went to shoppers and complained how she couldn't find anything.

She then complained how tired she was, and fel asleep at the kitchen table.

She complained about the time sheets not being signed and that she gets paid on Friday.

Ken and I said something about ordering out.

She wanted to know how we were going to pay, and Carol said by credit card.

Then she wanted to know if we were limited about how much we were limited on how much we could spend?
In the first place, it is none of her business!

Carol told her that we are adults.

We don't need to be subject to ingnorance and stupidity!
We are not retarded, and we are not children!
We have dignity and identity.

She is really clueless about to identify with Blind people and may be all handicapped people who have physical problems and may be even mental problems.

We prefer having somebody with a brain!

I hope that you will show this to Michelle, who is cool!

We hope her foot gets better.

I hope the time sheets haven't been padded., Carol hasn't always kept time when she left.

She knows when it is after 5 PM, when she waited around for you to return.

It was a quarter after 6 and 6:30 PM when she left.

Ken is here to verify this.

Carol has the food receit in the receit envelope.

Alice and Liez are cool!

We don't know if if they had different training in Kenya, or we actually had some fun!

Carol thinks there is a way that Michelle could tell how possible candidates for possible employment react toward various situations in her given test questions that to be replied to.

People don't always have to be humiliated or made to feel that they are nothing.

She complained about everything.

How the house is organized, the temperature, the radio and TV are loud, etc.

People need sensitivity training before any of us encounter them.
Infact, Carol feels that to an eddition to these questions, they should have to write an essay defending how they feel and backing up their opinions.


Carol Siegel,
and Kenneth Chrane

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