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Subject: Message from the President!
Good morning Federationist of Maine!
This week has been a fantastic week for the National Federation of the Blind! Alot of hard work has been done but only the beginning. Roger Cusson and I have been here and representing Maine. It has been a blast as well as motivating to the work that we truly do. We presented three bills this year and actually have some great ground on all of them from all the states around this great nation of ours. The voices of the blind have been heard and with that said we will not go backwards! On our up coming board and Light house at large conference calls you will hear much more about the successes we have had this week. So when you members see the invatation go out to the Light House at Large chapter conference call "DO NOT MISS IT!" It will be fun packed with great stuff. We are headed back today and will be prepared to have a great call this evening. Take care to all of you God Bless and keep up the great work that you are all doing!

P.S. We are running a fundraiser all this month and trying to raise money for our affiliate and the programs we need to support. Even if you do not have any money to contribute please spread the work to your friends, co-workers, family members and who ever else you can reach out to! This is very important to do for a couple of reasons. 1. Those people in your community will get to know who you are as well as know that NFB is here in Maine and getting stronger. 2. The people you connect with also have a wide vast of connections as well so ask them to spread the word as well. Ask them to check out our fundraiser on our website 
www.nfb-me.org/ They can check what we are all about as well as contribute to our great cause! Thank you all and have a fantastic rest of the Day! 
Leon Proctor Jr
President of the 
NFB of Maine
"Together changing what it means to be blind in Maine"
"Vision is not a requirement for success" 
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Mark Tardif 
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