[nfb-talk] wearable reader

Ed Meskys edmeskys at roadrunner.com
Fri Oct 18 01:21:17 UTC 2013

An Israeli company does the KNFB reader one better. A TV camera mounted on an eyeglass frame (like Google Glass) takes a picture of what you are looking at, a can of soup in a supermarket, a restaurant menu, a street sign, etc, and feeds into a pocket unit which has OCR and speech synthesis, which reads it into an bone conduction speaker. 

The article said it will also recognize faces. It sells for $2500. 

I read about it in the September issue of JBI BOICE magazine, which reprinted it from the NY TIMES for June 4, 2013. I remember reading about it a while ago on NEWSLINE, but had not taken notes about it at the time. 

The story says it was developed by ORCAM ((spelling?), an Israeli startup.

Ed Meskys

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