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Some of you might find this to be interesting.


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>Subject: Met a person in Las Vegas who worked for Dr. Jernigan
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>We found this very interesting on our trip.
>Would you please pass around.
>Thank you.
>As you all may have read during the last few months, is that the NFB 
>Travel & Tourism Division, a proud division of the National 
>Federation of the Blind. Is that we had our very 1st Fundraiser 
>Trip, which was a complete success and learning experience for all 
>involved including to the people we met along the way of our trip to 
>Las Vegas and Utah, and yes the parks were opened. The state of Utah 
>opened its National Parks while we  were there, even though the 
>country was on shutdown.
>A few stories  and descriptions of our experiences will be posting 
>for meet the blind month, and I am also hoping in the braille 
>monitor, but it will definitely be on the 
><http://www.nfbtravel.org>www.nfbtravel.org website.
>Below is one of the experiences that Deana and John Bates members of 
>the NFB of Orange County, CA, had at the Riviera Hotel where we 
>stayed the first night and the last night of our trip, about meeting 
>a man who works at the Riviera Hotel, who worked for Dr. Jernigan in 
>the 1960's at the Iowa Commission. Please read the story below.
>John and I wanted to tell you about a very unusual experience we had 
>at the Riviera on Monday the day we left to come home. We ordered 
>room service from Wicked Vicky's. The guy who brought our food was 
>78 years old and his name is Eugene Plaid. Not sure if that name 
>means anything to Ramona or not, but he worked for Dr Jernigan at 
>the Iowa Commission in the 1960's teaching cane travel. He told us 
>he came to Las Vegas to work with blind persons and had walked all 
>over Las Vegas under sleep shades before he started teaching his 
>students. He said he worked for the Riviera for 43 years his wife 
>was a medical Transcriptionist and they put five kids through 
>college. Apparently he worked two jobs one teaching cane travel as 
>well as working at the Riviera. We loved meeting him and talking 
>about his experiences. He has been to our National Conventions. It 
>just seemed so odd to us that someone who would deliver our food 
>worked at the Iowa Commission with Dr Jernigan.
>Also John and I had a big laugh about Wicked Vicky what an 
>appropriate name rofl
>Cheryl Echevarria, President
>NFB Travel & Tourism Division
>National Federation of the Blind
><mailto:info at nfbtravel.org>info at nfbtravel.org

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