[nfb-talk] i.d. mate Fall Database Update Now Available

Anna McClure amcclure at envisionamerica.com
Wed Oct 23 19:03:37 UTC 2013

The i.d. mate Fall Database Update is Now Available!


i.d. mate database version 5.3.4 for Omni, Summit and Quest models:


We have added 108,064 new records, including products from Jenny Craig,
Wildtree, Supermercado, Sysco, Kroger, ShopRite, Harris Teeter, Life
Extension, GS1 Canada, Advanced Pierre, Great Value,  Spartan, DVD and
Blu-Rays and national brand items bringing our total to 3,033,097 items. 

Pick your Update Format: Updates are available via download link, on a CD
ROM, on a purchased memory card, or by mailing in your card.  If you wish to
mail your card to us for updating, please contact us for a Return Material
Authorization Number first.  

New!!  We have an easier process for purchasing and downloading updates from
our new online store!  You can order a direct download link via email. It's
no longer necessary to log into your account to retrieve the download! 

Cost for a one time update is $50.00 (plus cost of a memory card if you are
choosing that format option.  SD cards are $13.  CF cards are $30.00)

Pre-Paid Lifetime Updates are available for $100 for Summit, Omni or ID Mate
2 users.  (Non-transferable to new owners).   If you are a Lifetime update
member or Quest user, and you gave us your email, your direct download link
should arrive in your inbox in the next 14 days.  If you don't want to wait,
you can go to our website or email Lifetime at envisionamerica.com to make your
request.  Links are sent out between 8AM and 4PM Monday thru Friday CST.  If
we do not have your email, you need to request one and state your preferred
update method. Contact us regarding your pre-paid Lifetime updates at
mailto:Lifetime at envisionamerica.com.

ID Mate Quest users can retrieve the new database via Wi-Fi by going to the
System mode, navigate to and select Barcode Database Update. Depending on
your connection, this could take several minutes.  If you do not have Wi-Fi,
call or email us for a download link.

Free Warranty Update Policy: If your unit is under warranty and you have not
received one free update, you may request one via download, CD-ROM or
Mail-in your card.  

Note to Quest Users: Yahoo has bought out and plans to discontinue the
currency identification API that En-Vision America subscribed to for Quest
users.  After October 30th currency identification will no longer be
available until a new API or solution can be developed.


To Purchase an update contact En-Vision America:

Online Store:  http://www.envisionamerica.com/store



To receive your pre-paid Lifetime Update via a download link, e-mail your
name and serial number to:  lifetime at envisionamerica.com



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