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 New Generation Victor Reader Stream - version 4.2 update <http://www.humanware.ca/web/en/Newsletter/images/ban_stream4_2.jpg> 

New Generation Victor Reader Stream, version 4.2 upgrade

September 5, 2013 — HumanWare is pleased to announce the latest software upgrade, version 4.2, for the popular new generation Victor Reader Stream portable digital talking book player. 

"The Victor Reader Stream is HumanWare's most popular product, and we are pleased to offer our customers exciting and useful new capabilities with this software upgrade," says Matthew Janusauskas, Technical Product Manager for Victor Reader products. "We have added enriched media choices for avid Stream users, from important sources like the National Federation of the Blind and Bookshare®, as well as support for Microsoft® Windows Media®." 

NFB-NEWSLINE®, a service of the National Federation of the Blind, offers 327 national and local newspapers and 40 magazines to its more than 100,000 users. Stream owners can enter their account information directly on the Stream and begin receiving their favorite newspapers and magazines wirelessly without a PC or telephone. Stream automatically synchronizes with NFB-NEWSLINE and maintains the same issues of publications that are found on the server, which usually includes today's edition, yesterday's edition and the previous Sunday edition for newspapers and the latest 2 editions for magazines. 

Bookshare® has more than 200,000 books available for its 260,000 members, and the Stream will now be able to search the entire Bookshare online library, provide wireless book downloads, and automatically unpack and decrypt downloads using the member's account credentials. 

"HumanWare has had a long and successful affiliation with the NFB and with Bookshare, so we are happy that we can continue to have a close relationship with these fine organizations with our products and their content, to the benefit of our mutual customers" remarked Gilles Pepin, CEO of HumanWare.

Version 4.2 is a free download for Stream customers, and can be installed automatically over a wireless connection, downloaded from HumanWare's web site or installed by using the free HumanWare Companion PC software application.

"We are thrilled that access to NFB-NEWSLINE® content is now integrated into Victor Reader Stream, making it easier than ever for our subscribers to download and read their favorite content with this groundbreaking device," said Dr. Marc Maurer, President of the National Federation of the Blind. "We have a wonderful working relationship with HumanWare and look forward to continuing to work with the company to make the ever-expanding selection of NFB-NEWSLINE® content available through its products."

"The ability to search, download, and read books wirelessly on the Stream will greatly improve the ease and reading experience for Bookshare members. We applaud this update and look forward to serving many happy Stream users." added Betsy Beaumon, VP and General Manager of Global Literacy at Benetech.

 Webinar <http://www.humanware.ca/web/en/Newsletter/images/webinar.jpg> 

Join HumanWare product managers Matthew Janusauskas and Greg Stilson for a webinar to learn about how recent software updates to both the popular Victor Reader Stream, and BrailleNote Apex make access to books and classroom materials simpler than ever before. Start off the school year on the right foot. Don't wait for your classroom materials. 

Thursday, September 26
11:00 AM EST (8:00 AM PST)
UK: 4:00 PM

 <http://visit.humanware.com/e/3332/e-humanware-event-registration/3576nd/641317375> REGISTER NOW 


 <http://visit.humanware.com/e/3332/der-stream-new-generation-html/3576ng/641317375> Buy the NEw Generation Victor Reader Stream at $369 FREE SHIPPING


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