[nfb-talk] Interesting Service

Mark Tardif markspark at roadrunner.com
Sat Sep 21 01:06:15 UTC 2013

Hello fellow Federationists.  

I’m sure many of you remember the article in the Monitor a few months ago about Microsoft’s new support services for those of us using assistive technology.  Well, I had a chance to use the service yesterday.  I had a problem with Windows Media Player crashing after a few seconds.  The person I connected with was courteous, knew her stuff, was obviously either American or Canadian, since her English was flawless, and she could work well with the assistive technology.  So I am just singing their praises on our lists and encouraging anyone having problems with Microsoft products to avail themselves of the services.  Their phone number is 1-800-936-5900.  They are even available on weekends.  Take care.  
Mark Tardif 
Nuclear arms will not hold you. 

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