[nfb-talk] Connections Needed

Michael Bullis bullis.michael at gmail.com
Mon Sep 30 17:10:23 UTC 2013

Dear Colleagues:

I am the Executive Director of the IMAGE Center for people with
Disabilities, the Independent Living Program that serves the Baltimore
Maryland area.


We are creating an online disability skills library that will allow people
with disabilities and professionals find information about how to accomplish
ordinary daily tasks.


In order to accomplish the initial budgeting and structure we need
connections with people who have participated in developing projects of this
type.  We are particularly looking for connections with Youtube and
Wikipedia or Wikimedia.  


We are prepared to pay for consulting assistance.

If you know people in these organizations, or people who have developed
online user populated web projects with complex databases, please contact

I'm sure that in our nfb community there are those who can help us find the
qualified consultants we need.

People may contact me at:

mbullis at imagemd.org

or phone me at: 443-275-9394.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Mike Bullis

Executive Director,

The IMAGE Center



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