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From: Debbie Brown via Md-sligo 
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Subject: [Md-sligo] Sad news

I am writing to let you know that Pauline Johnson has passed away.  As far as I can tell, she passed away last week and the funeral has already been done.

For those of you who don't know Pauline, she was an active member of the chapter, vice president for many years, and a member of the state board for several years.  I think she joined the chapter in 1990.  I think Lloyd showed her how to use a cane at her first meeting..

She worked for the Prince Georges County government and had many difficulties getting her computer equipment updated.  She was not able to take time off for blindness training, and she accomplished all she did without knowing braille and having very little travel training.  She was a whiz in the kitchen and learned those skills on her own out of the necessity to feed her family.  

When her granddaughter Fernisha needed care, Pauline provided a home for her.  Fernisha was a part of our chapter at a young age, and everyone knew her from conventions.

As a chapter officer, Pauline believed it was her responsibility to do what she could for fundraising and chapter-building.  She shivered her way through innumerable nut sales, sometimes when she didn't feel very well.  She was a good companion at the table.  One day when a man got too close to the cash box, she moved very quickly to cover the money with her hand to make sure it stayed in there.  

She was an excellent cook and baker, as frequenters of bake sales, auctions and parties know.  Her sock-it-to-me cake recipe,as far as I know, has gone with her to the grave.  

She did what she could to build each member of the chapter.  If she saw that someone was upset during a meeting, she was usually the first person to go to that person afterward and provide encouragement.  She was not afraid to call me after an event to let me know if she thought the chapter wasn't treating someone right.  She believed it was her duty to keep everyone committed.

Pauline attended many conventions.  She participated in the human services division and other groups.  She lived on sardines, peanutbutter sandwiches, and oatmeal so that she and Fernisha could afford to go to conventions, and she did what she could to get the most out of the experience.  Even when she was ill and using a wheelchair, she got out and about.

Pauline will be missed.  The best way we can honor her as to work for the Federation and encourage each other as she did.


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