[nfb-talk] My Favorite Christmas memories

Roanna Bacchus rbacchus228 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 13 23:55:13 UTC 2014

Dear Members,

I'd like to share some of my favorite Christmas memories with all 
of you.  Trips to the mall to visit Santa Claus, snowflakes, cold 
Winter mornings, and a drive out to the countryside to purchase 
our fresh Christmas tree are activities that are familiar to me.  
The activities that I remember the most are the ones that my 
family brought with them from the Caribbean island of Trinidad.  
Island Parang music is played as early as November in my home in 
FloridaddI rember waking up early on Christmas morning to open 
presents and eat breakfast with my family.  Each year my paternal 
grandmother, who everyone agrees is the best cake maker in the 
world comes to Florida to bake our Christmas fruit cake.  I'd 
love to hear some of your favorite Christmas memories.

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