[nfb-talk] Am I on the right list?

Gerardo Corripio gera1027 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 03:16:49 UTC 2014

  Hi guys
Since I heard of the NFB in the 90s while living in the US, I've always 
been struck by your way of seeing blindness, which is kind of my 
parents' and my philosofy; I returned here to university, and also in 
the hopes that based on my blindness experiences (especially with a 
Psychology major), and by what I've read on your philosofy, make a 
difference in the way the blind live here in Mexico. My attempt of doing 
this with a local blindness organization failed! To start out with, I 
didn't like the idea that they have a sighted secretary and a sighted 
Psychologist, and other ideas I had seem to be very revolutionary, thus 
I ended being kicked out, but my dream of having some sort of NFB like 
organization is still alive! So I'd like to get to meet some of you via 
EMail, and get more in-depth with the NFB philosofy, especially trying 
applying it to myself. I'm deafblind, so I've got limitations that the 
local blindness association took as overprotective of my parents like 
can't distinguish the sound from right/left etc, thus feel unsafe 
walking by myself on the streets, but my wanting to do something to 
change the blind of my country is very strong! dream the local blindness 
association didn't want to accept; it's as the blindness association 
wanted to mold me into their way of being! thus many battles I had to 
fight, but well I guess maybe my time wasn't right. Thanks for advice 
you could give, and hopefully I'm on the right list?

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