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Has your phone been activated?  My boy friend, Henry Osborne got one from the Easter Seals program.  They had to come out to activate the phone.  
Anyone should be able to activate the phone.  It is not activated  if you do not know what your cell phone number is.
Keep after them.
We are just getting used to the phone.  Send me any questions and I will try to help.

Terry Powers
Terry.powers at nih.gov

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At National Convention I bought the Odin Phone, written up in the May Monitor. It arrived a few days ago, and looks VERY good, with an easy to use keyboard. I charged it for a couple days, and tried to initiate it. Instructions were to hit the round, red, button, and it would ring like an old-fashioned desk telephone, which it did. Then after 15 seconds, it was supposed to start talking with further instructions. It never did.  I did this over a couple more times. Trying other buttons I occasionally got a very faint short beep. 

The email which arrived just before the phone had the manual which I was following, and gave an 800 number to call if there are problems. I called it Saturday and got voice mail, which did not surprise me. They had promised to call back, but here it is Tuesday evening, and I have not yet heard from them. 

Can anyone make any suggestions? Tomorrow morning I will again try calling that 800 number.

Can you suggest another list I should try asking?

Thanks, Ed Meskys    
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