[nfb-talk] An idea for a new list!

Mike Freeman k7uij at panix.com
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What purpose of NFB would such a list serve other than massaging the egos of
those taking part in it? After all, while such a list might be fun, will it
get blind persons jobs? Will it truly augment the useful skills of blind
persons? I doubt it. And I say this even though I might be a charter member
of such a list (Telcon Zorba running CP/M 2.2 anyone?).

Why not get on Yahoogroups or GoogleGroups and start such a list yourself?

Mike Freeman

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Hi all!
I'd like to take a poll here on this list.
How many of you are interested in collecting old technology?
I'd like to see a Blind Collectors list on here, so that those of us who
have interest in collecting can come together and discuss things.
As someone who might consider becoming an Assistive Technology instructor at
a school for the blind, (yes,) I'm changing my mind on my profession since
my current degree field isn't hiring,) I'd like to be able to show those
children how far we've come with technology.
I'm interested in collecting old blindness technology, such as the Braille n
Speak, and other things we used to use in school.
If any of you have the same interests, please write me off list!

Joshua Lester
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