[nfb-talk] Releasing 2014 Sendero GPS products and KeyMaps for BrailleNote!

Kim Casey kim at senderogroup.com
Wed Mar 12 00:23:39 UTC 2014

Greetings from Sendero!

This 2014 version is Sendero's 18th release and 
we have yet another surprise for you. After 14 
years, blind users of Sendero products have asked 
for and gotten improvements that make the 
BrailleNote and Braille Sense products flexible 
and powerful­earning them the title of the 
Cadillac of GPS, functionality that is also available on the Windows PC.

To encourage you to keep your Cadillac of GPS up 
to date, all upgrades, no matter which version 
you have, will be a fraction of previous upgrade 
pricing. Purchase by the end of April for only $49.

What’s new in 2014? There are a few important bug 
fixes under the hood. The main improvement is in 
the 2014 map data and POIs. If you have Sendero 
Maps, 2014 maps and POIs are available. Updates 
to all products are best managed from your 
Sendero Maps software on the Windows PC, which 
comes free with new BrailleNote GPS or Sense Nav GPS purchases.

The BrailleNote classic was the first electronic 
portable braille device which served as the 
launching pad for Sendero's GPS software in 
2001.  Sendero and HumanWare have a very special 
update for BrailleNote Apex users in 2014. The 
next release of the BrailleNote's interface, 
KeySoft 9.4.1 for the BrailleNote Apex, will 
include KeyMaps.  KeyMaps is a free virtual 
navigation tool which allows you to:

*             Download your country's maps 
directly to the BrailleNote Apex using its 
internet connection.  No need to use a PC, 
KeyMaps guides you through the simple process to 
download the map directly to the BrailleNote Apex.
*             Search for an address and explore 
the area around it.  Traveling to a hotel next 
week?  Search for it in KeyMaps and virtually 
learn the area and what is around the hotel before you even arrive.
*             Walking to a grocery store you 
haven't been to yet?  Search for its address or 
name in KeyMaps and learn the best route to take before you head out.
*             Use KeyMaps as a phonebook: Want 
the phone number to make a reservation at that 
new restaurant people can't stop talking about? 
Search for it in KeyMaps and instantly see the 
phone number, address, and distance from you, and so much more.

If you would like to upgrade from Keymaps to the 
full BrailleNote GPS including Bluetooth GPS 
receiver for outdoor usage, it will now be $599, 
nearly half its previous price. Stay tuned for a 
HumanWare announcement about the KeySoft release. 
Current BrailleNote GPS customers can upgrade
today* for only $49 at 
(*limited time offer valid through the end of April 2014).

Sense Navigation customers go to: 

We encourage using Sendero PC Maps to upgrade 
your PDA GPS versions.  It is by far the easiest 
way to upgrade as well as an excellent tool to 
use in conjunction with your PDA or mobile device 
such as Seeing Eye GPS for the iPhone. For more 
information, visit 

See the following links for tutorials with 
specifics on using Sendero Maps to upgrade.

For BrailleNote GPS instructions on the Apex, go 

For Sense Nav instructions, go to: 

For those who have a free upgrade available, 
and log in with your username and password to access your account.

For problems with accounts or passwords, call 
your respective manufacturer or Sendero at 
1-888-757-6810. For technical support, please 
read the support documentation before contacting 
your manufacturer 

If you are attending the CSUN conference, visit 
our CSUN schedule webpage to see how you can 
connect with Sendero. 

To obtain help with your upgrade to 2014, visit 
your respective manufacturer’s CSUN booth.

Happy independent traveling. “It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive.”


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