[nfb-talk] What's The History Of The Nfb?

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That's like asking "what's the history of the U.S.?". Put another way, it
would be helpful were you more specific. What's bothering you or what
specifically would you like to know more about?

Incidentally, although organizations are constantly changing, you appear to
assume that the NFB *has* changed. Are you asking about what we call NFB
philosophy? Are you asking about our views on particular pieces of
legislation or topics? Are you asking about how NFB policies are set?

Let us hear from you.

Mike Freeman

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Dear Nfb Talk Members,

I'd like to discuss the history of the Nfb and how it has changed in recent
years.  I've read the overview many times on their web site.  What do you
know about the himory of the Nfb?

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