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To read about the first 50 years of the NFB, you could read "Walking Alone 
and Marching Together", which is available in several formats from the 
NFB.Org website, and also available on BARD from NLS in audio or braille. 
In audio it is forty-some hours long.  And that doesn't cover the last 24 

The philosophy of the NFB can be summed up in several different ways.  Some 
of the ways include"  "It is respectable to be blind".  "With proper 
training and opportunities, the handicap of blindness can be reduced to a 
mere nuisance".  There are other statements, including the new "one-minute 
message" that is part of the NFB home page.  But it is all just words unless 
it works, and results in blind and visually impaired people leading happy 
and successful lives.  I hope you can come to at least part of the national 
convention this year, since you live in the Orlando area.  You will be 
challenged and encouraged by what you experience.  I have been an NFB member 
since 1965.  Many superficial things about the organization and its 
affiliates have changed over the 49 years I have been a member, but the 
underlying purpose and motivation has not.

Lloyd Rasmussen, Kensington, MD
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Hi everyone I have another question for you.  Can you please
explain what the Nfb philosophy is all about? I've read about it
on the guide to this year's Nfb convention.

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