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Mike Freeman k7uij at panix.com
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Can't comment on your experience but I believe those canes are still


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I'm mainly asking this out of curiosity.

What materials are these latest NFB rigid canes made out of?  I'm asking
about the ones they have for free.  Are they still fiberglass like the older
ones, or are they a new type of material?  For anyone who uses them, do you
find that they break easier than the older ones or the carbon fiber ones?


I ask this because about two or three weeks ago, I got one, and it was
working great!  Over the years, I've learned the value of a good rigid cane,
and I was in need of one, so I figured I'd take advantage.  

Yesterday, I was on the bus, and I had the cane standing next to me between
the patrician of my seat and the seat next to me.  There was a little metal
wall like thing between the seats.  Anyway, the driver had to make a very
sudden stop and hit the breaks hard so as to avoid a driver or something.
Wasn't quite sure what happened, but we stopped hard.  My body, especially
my shoulder moved to the side and hit the cane that was standing there.  I
then heard a snap.  I felt it, and it was kind of funny in that it broke
perfectly into two pieces.  Of course, I was headed downtown and would
definitely not be able to use it any more.  No way I'd even try to use it
because I knew it would snap once it got used, so I just finished it off.
Bummer.  It was a good cane and I thought it would durable for a long time
to come.

They probably are, and I just had that particular experience.  Just curious
if anyone's had similar things happen to theirs recently and if the material
is more fragile.


I remember having asked about the Rainshine several weeks back, and if I
recall, you could do anything to that cane, and it would always bounce back
and not break.


So, I'll have to get another one now.  




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