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Well, I certainly wouldn't take the free white cane program for granted.  I
got one, it broke, and now I will have to buy one, as I've already had my
chance at a free cane.  It's the right thing to do.  I'd certainly consider
what happened a fluke or accident.  Who knows?

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Evening, Jumbo,

Yes, those Rainshines are built stronger even than brick shit houses. 
I don't believe you need even buy sticks anymore with the existence of the
FREE cane program. Indeed, I use one me self and love it. Am surprised at
how much I love their feel, totally like the material from which they are
made. Perhaps,  you are right in chalking up your experience with its
busting to a fluke, or a faulty unit?
Good luck!
At 11:43 AM 11/11/2014, Jim Portillo via blindtlk wrote:
>I'm mainly asking this out of curiosity.
>What materials are these latest NFB rigid canes made out of?  I'm 
>asking about the ones they have for free.  Are they still fiberglass 
>like the older ones, or are they a new type of material?  For anyone 
>who uses them, do you find that they break easier than the older ones or
the carbon fiber ones?
>I ask this because about two or three weeks ago, I got one, and it was 
>working great!  Over the years, I've learned the value of a good rigid 
>cane, and I was in need of one, so I figured I'd take advantage.
>Yesterday, I was on the bus, and I had the cane standing next to me 
>between the patrician of my seat and the seat next to me.  There was a 
>little metal wall like thing between the seats.  Anyway, the driver had 
>to make a very sudden stop and hit the breaks hard so as to avoid a driver
or something.
>Wasn't quite sure what happened, but we stopped hard.  My body, 
>especially my shoulder moved to the side and hit the cane that was 
>standing there.  I then heard a snap.  I felt it, and it was kind of 
>funny in that it broke perfectly into two pieces.  Of course, I was 
>headed downtown and would definitely not be able to use it any more.  
>No way I'd even try to use it because I knew it would snap once it got
used, so I just finished it off.
>Bummer.  It was a good cane and I thought it would durable for a long 
>time to come.
>They probably are, and I just had that particular experience.  Just 
>curious if anyone's had similar things happen to theirs recently and if 
>the material is more fragile.
>I remember having asked about the Rainshine several weeks back, and if 
>I recall, you could do anything to that cane, and it would always 
>bounce back and not break.
>So, I'll have to get another one now.
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