[nfb-talk] Seeking advice from a blind mechanic

Domonique Lawless dlawless86 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 05:20:37 UTC 2015

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Hi David,
Would you mind passing this along to the appropriate lists?


Dear friends,

A friend of mine is exploring various job possibilities. One of the 
careers this person is interested in is as a mechanic. Right now, my 
friend does not know what alternative techniques a blind mechanic 
uses to successfully and safely complete this job.

If you are a blind mechanic, or know a blind mechanic please email me 
at <mailto:dlawless86 at gmail.com>dlawless86 at gmail.com with the subject 
blind mechanic. My friend is looking for the answers to the following 

1. How did you become a mechanic? If you had to take any courses, how 
accessible were they?
2. How do you access the individual computers required to fix the 
electronic components of many modern vehicles?
3. What alternative techniques do you use to efficiently and safely 
do your job?

Any advice you could pass along would be greatly appreciated!

<mailto:dlawless86 at gmail.com>dlawless86 at gmail.com

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