[nfb-talk] Idea for Inspirational NFB Song

Kelli Jo Isaak kellijo.isaak81 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 04:09:29 UTC 2016

Hello, everyone!

While at the convention I had an idea for an awesome new song that could be
played at future conventions. It is a rewrite of the song "The Unforgiven
2" by Metallica; it is called "Just Like You". I spent some time figuring
out the lyrics, but I think it is ready now. To whom should I send it? Who
would have the resources to contact Metallica and get the ability to
produce this awesome song?

Here are a couple of my favorite verses as an example:

Walk beside us

We are just like you

There's no need to step aside

Our canes will see us through

We have our guide dogs

They're steadfast and they're true

We can learn all the skills we need
We will not stop till we succeed


We are blind

We are proud

We can do it

You'll be wowed

Didn't you know

By our eyes we're not defined



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