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>Press Release
>February 2016
>For Immediate Release
>Contact: Jennifer Dunnam, Chair
>Braille Authority of North America
>chair at brailleauthority.org
>BANA Elects Officers, Recognizes Board Changes
>At its November 2015 meeting, the Braille Authority of North America 
>(BANA) elected the officers who will serve during the 2016 calendar 
>year. The officers are Chair, Jennifer Dunnam (National Federation 
>of the Blind); Vice Chair, Sandra Ruconich (American Council of the 
>Blind); Secretary, Ruth Rozen (The Hadley School for the Blind); 
>Treasurer, Jackie Sheridan (National Braille Press).
>The new year has brought additional Board changes. Diane Wormsley, 
>who has represented AER (Association for Education and 
>Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired) on the BANA Board 
>since 2004, has retired from her professorship at North Carolina 
>Central University and is leaving the BANA Board to pursue other 
>interests. Diane has co-chaired BANA's research committee, and her 
>amazing memory of BANA actions as well as her thoughtful insights 
>will be greatly missed.
>Diane's position of AER representative will be filled by Mary Nelle 
>McLennan, who has been the representative from the American Printing 
>House for the Blind (APH) since 2007 and just completed five years 
>as BANA's Vice Chair. Mary Nelle will continue to serve on the 
>Board, now representing AER. We are grateful to retain Mary Nelle's 
>depth of knowledge and experience and anticipate her continued 
>participation and contributions, especially as Chair of BANA's 
>Publications Committee.
>Cathy Senft-Graves has been appointed as the new representative from 
>APH, where she is the Braille Literacy and Technology Project 
>Leader. The BANA Board looks forward to her service.
>BANA's spring meeting will be held May 19-21, 2016, at the Maryland 
>School for the Blind in Baltimore. Observers are welcome. This 
>meeting will immediately precede the quadrennial meeting on May 
>22-26 of the International Council on English Braille (ICEB), which 
>will occur at the headquarters of the National Federation of the 
>Blind, also in Baltimore. More details about BANA's spring meeting 
>will be announced in a forthcoming press release.
>NOTE: This press release is available in HTML on the BANA website at 
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>The Board of BANA consists of appointed representatives from 
>seventeen member organizations of braille producers, transcribers, 
>teachers, and consumers.
>The mission of the Braille Authority of North America is to assure 
>literacy for tactile readers through the standardization of braille 
>and/or tactile graphics.
>The purpose of BANA is to promote and to facilitate the uses, 
>teaching, and production of braille. Pursuant to this purpose, BANA 
>will promulgate rules, make interpretations, and render opinions 
>pertaining to braille codes and guidelines for the provisions of 
>literary and technical materials and related forms and formats of 
>embossed materials now in existence or to be developed in the future 
>for the use of blind persons in North America. When appropriate, 
>BANA shall accomplish these activities in international 
>collaboration with countries using English braille. In exercising 
>its function and authority, BANA shall consider the effects of its 
>decisions on other existing braille codes and guidelines, forms and 
>formats; ease of production by various methods; and acceptability to readers.

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