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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Mon Jun 27 14:42:46 UTC 2016

>A T Guys, your home for affordable gadgets and 
>mobile accessories, is pleased to once again 
>offer preorders for this year's NFB convention. 
>We're excited to be returning to the Rosen 
>Shingle Creek for this year's NFB convention in 
>Orlando. Save time in the exhibit hall by 
>placing a preorder now and picking up your item 
>at the booth. Use coupon code nfb16 at checkout 
>at our website at atguys.com to apply the NFB 
>coupon. Then, pick up your item at booths B19 
>and B20 during exhibit hall hours. We'll make 
>sure we have your order available for pickup, so 
>you do not have to pay for shipping! Preorders 
>are available for most items we carry.
>We've included content from our latest 
>newsletter below which covers the items we'll 
>have available at our booths this year. If you 
>have any questions, please Email 
>support at atguys.com or call us at (269) 216-4798. We can't wait to see you.
>Hot: A full-size Bluetooth Keyboard with Power
>We've often been asked for a bigger Bluetooth 
>keyboard, and we think we've found one you'll 
>love. The Matias Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard 
>feels just like an Apple keyboard and also 
>includes a dedicated numeric pad and arrow keys 
>in the familiar layout. Plus, connect the Matias 
>to up to 4 devices at once and switch between 
>them with the press of a key. Also, charging 
>your keyboard all the time is a thing of the 
>past, as the Matias features up to 1 year of battery life.
>Listen to a short audio demo on the Matias keyboard
>Check out the Matias Alumina Bluetooth Keyboard for $99
>New Lower Price on the iDevices Switch Connected Plug
>Now you can control your fan, heater, coffee 
>maker, and more directly from your iPhone and 
>Siri. Switch is the new connected wall plug from 
>iDevices. Turn items on and off with a Siri 
>command, or from the app. Plus, you can now 
>monitor energy usage with the accessible 
>iDevices app and cut down on your electric bill. 
>Plus, do even more with the forthcoming Home app 
>for iOS 10. It's a new kind of HomeKit product that we think you'll love.
>Get the Switch Connected Plug Now for $49.99
>New Vocalizer and Eloquence Voices for NVDA
>Now you can use the voices you love with NVDA, 
>the free and popular screen reader from 
>NVAccess. The new Code Factory add-on consists 
>of the popular Eloquence and Vocalizer 
>Text-To-Speech synthesizer to be used with NVDA. 
>Plus, we have a 7 day demo for you to try it out.
>Check out the Code Factory NVDA Add-on for $69 or Get a 7-day Demo
>Lowest Price Ever on the Blaze EZ Multiplayer from Hims
>A T Guys is an authorized dealer for the Blaze 
>portable multiplayers from Hims. Not only do 
>these units play books in just about any format 
>imaginable, it also includes OCR for reading 
>print and wireless capabilities. Through June 
>30, get the Blaze EZ for our lowest price ever at $495, a $100 savings.
>Other Items Available for Preorder
>Here's a list of other items we'll have available this year.
>• Sol Republic Shadow Headset - $99.99
>While supplies last. Sol Republic is a brand 
>known for style and function, and we're pleased 
>to offer the Shadow Bluetooth headset. These 
>stereo earbuds rest around your neck and feature 
>deep bass, Bluetooth 4.0 support, and 
>multi-device connectivity. Plus, Sol Republic 
>offers free replacement tips for life.
>• Aftershokz Bluez 2S 3rd Generation Bluetooth 
>Bone Conduction Headphones - $99.95
>New model this year. The only Bluetooth stereo 
>headphones that allow you to tune in to music or 
>calls without tuning out the world, all with 
>complete wireless freedom. Our open ear bone 
>conduction headphones guide mini vibrations 
>through your cheekbones to your inner ears, 
>ensuring you can be open to ambient sound, even 
>when you're plugged in, working out or on the 
>go. This latest model features better 
>transjuicers, the pads that go on your pads 
>meaning more sound for you and less for your 
>neighbors. The Sports M3 wired model is also available for $49.95.
>New! The Perfect Remote for your phone or Computer
>• Bluetooth Multimedia Remote Control - $34.99.
>Phones and computers are great for playing 
>music, but what if you want to skip to the next 
>song or adjust the volume from across the room? 
>The Bluetooth Multimedia Remote lets you 
>wirelessly control your iPhone, Android, or 
>computer. Play and pause music, skip to the next 
>or previous track, adjust the volume, even 
>activate Siri from an extremely lightweight device.
>• myCharge Peak 6000 Talking External Battery Pack - $79.95
>Charge your cell phone, voice recorder, and 
>other devices while on the go. Voice prompts 
>indicate battery and charging status, so you'll 
>always know the status of your charger. Includes 
>fold-out wall plug for quick charging of the 
>battery. Charge your iPhone 2-3 times from one charge of the battery..
>• iGrill2 $99.99 and iGrill Mini $39.99
>The iGrill2 and iGrill Mini are accessible 
>cooking thermometers which connect to your 
>iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Connect the 
>thermometer, select the type of meat or food 
>your are cooking, and relax. You will be alerted 
>when your meat is done. And, the app works great 
>with VoiceOver. Connect multiple probes to check 
>the temperature for multiple items. Also now 
>available, the Ambient Temperature Probe, great 
>for use with a smoker or for just checking the outdoor or room temperature.
>• SoundPods Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker - $49.95
>This little speaker puts out big sound! The 
>SoundPod by Blue Tiger is a wireless or wired 
>heavy duty speaker with exceptional sound 
>quality that fits in the palm of your hand. With 
>long battery life, the SoundPOD will be putting 
>out your tunes all day long. Also features a 
>Micro SD card slot to play music directly from the speaker.
>• SoundTrax Bluetooth Headset - $99.95
> From the same company which produced the 
> popular SoundPods speaker comes a Bluetooth 
> stereo headset with the same great features. 
> Wirelessly connect to your phone or play music 
> using the built-in Micro SD card slot or a 
> headset adapter. These comfortable on-ear 
> headphones featured padded cups and deep bass. 
> Works for up to 30 hours on a single chaarge.
>• Meteor Vibrating Pocket Watch - $117
>The Meteor Vibrating Pocket Watch allows you to 
>independently know the current time without 
>disturbing others. It features a simple, 
>three-button design and is especially ideal for persons with hearing loss.
>• tech Solutions from Hims
>We offer the Smart Beetle 14-cell braille 
>display, Candy 4 HD2 Portable Video Magnifier 
>and the Blaze ET and EZ media players with OCR.
>• Customized Quantum Omnidirectional Bar Code Scanner for BC Scan - $149
>Get a free 3-year warranty when you preorder or 
>purchase this item at convention a $59 value. 
>Presenting our most affordable bar code solution 
>yet. The Quantum is a portable bar code scanner 
>that includes a built-in swivel stand and 
>features simple, hands-free operation. Connect 
>to your computer or notetaker for fast and 
>accurate scanning. Plus, never pay for the BC Scan service or database updates.
>• Feel'n'see Tactile Screenshots for iOS 9
>Feel'n'See Screenshots are tactile and visual 
>representations of the major screens you'll 
>encounter while using your iDevice. Learn where 
>the major icons are placed, get a feel for how 
>screens are laid out, and gain a greater 
>understanding of your touch-screen device. The 
>68-page guide includes screenshots for both 
>iPhone and iPad users and is available in 
>braille ($25), large print $20), or both braille and large print ($30.
>• RII 66-key Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone, PC, Mac, Android - $45
>One of our top sellers. Wirelessly connects to 
>all modern smartphones. Tactile key layout with 
>number row, arrow keys, and on/off switch.
>• Plantronics Marque 2 Talking Bluetooth Headset - $59.95
>The Plantronics Marque 2 is a one-ear, talking 
>bluetooth headset that effortlessly pairs with 
>your iPhone, Android, or other devices. Voice 
>instructions will guide you through the setup 
>process, and the headset will tell you how much 
>talk time is remaining whenever you turn it on. 
>Voice announcements for incoming calls, power 
>on/off, and pairing are also given.
>• Magpul Low-profile Field Case for iPhone 6 - $16.95
>If you're looking for a tough case for your 
>iPhone without a lot of bulk, this slimline case is a popular choice.
>• Tactile Screen Protectors - Starting at $8
>Featuring the full line of SpeedDots tactile 
>screen overlays for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and 
>iPod Touch. Several styles to choose from. Type 
>with confidence. Many models also available with Otterbox cases.
>• USB to AC Charging Adapter fits U.S. wall outlets - $10
>You can never have enough of these adapters. 
>Plug in your iPhone or Android charging cable for fast wall charging.
>We will do our best to get items not on the 
>above list. If we are not able to bring an item 
>to convention, we will let you know and ship it to you for free.
>have questions? Comments? As always, we'd love to hear from you.
>Phone: (269) 216-4798
>Skype: atguys
>E-mail: support at atguys.com
>Follow Us on Twitter @atguys
>Like Us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/atguys

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