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John Heim john at johnheim.com
Thu Aug 10 13:32:17 UTC 2017

Sorry if my message seemed out of context. There is an almost identical 
thread  right now on  the talk list for the International Association Of 
Visually Impaired Technologists, talk at iavit.org.  Even the subject line 
is similar. But I think my idea was a good one anyway. If anybody does 
any accessibility conciousness-raising, I'd love to hear about it.
On 08/10/2017 08:05 AM, John Heim wrote:
> When we first set up IAVIT, we had 4 goals. They are listed here:
> http://www.iavit.org/about.php
> #2 is to work on accessibility. Of course, like the rest of our goals, 
> we've fallen way short. But I recently got named to the Board of 
> Directors of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Alumni Association. That group 
> is working on getting guide dog handlers more involved with puppy 
> raisers hoping that will help them become better puppy raisers. It 
> occurs to me that we should try to do something similar. We should 
> encourage our members to get involved in local user groups andto raise 
> awareness of accessibility issues.
> Lets start talking about this on this list. I used to give talks about 
> web accessibility all the time. If you've done something like that 
> recently, tell us about it.
> On 08/10/2017 05:56 AM, adrijana prokopenko via nfb-talk wrote:
>> It is so frustrating when you find out that someone is putting
>> information on their site about blindness, blind people or anything
>> you would like to read, but when you click the link, most of these
>> sites are not accessible. I am sure that there are people and places
>> that offer help to others for doing this, but I feel that the general
>> public and even web developers need greater awareness and support and
>> even pointing out that their site is not accessible. So as blind
>> people, maybe we can each do more and keep encouraging others to test
>> a site or give whatever help they can to whoever is interested to
>> write or talk about us. Hope we can continue talking about this in the
>> comments and put someideas out, so that we can keep bringing the issue
>> forward, trying to work at it and keep remembering that something
>> really needs to be done about this and if we don't take the main role
>> as blind people, this process may go way slower and more frustrating
>> for us. The idea number one I am putting here is that each of us who
>> gets featured in a newspaper, TV or radio station or elsewhere, could
>> check their website and if it is not accessible and not easy to get
>> the contact info, to try and point this out to the person who they
>> come in contact with that wants their story. If they realize that
>> sites indeed need to become accessible, because many blind people are
>> using computers with screen readers and many blind friends, relatives
>> and others may see it by word of mouth or from a site or a group or
>> page, then it helps them get more visitors and stories and a great
>> promise that we would indeed keep appreciating their efforts and maybe
>> even feature them and what they do in some of our magazines and pages,
>> which would help them keep learning about us further if they indeed
>> start to follow them.
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