[nfb-talk] Computer repair services on line, caution

Bill Outman woutman at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 11 20:32:19 UTC 2017

Good afternoon, folks.  


I had an experience withing the last week with a company that did repair
remotely on my laptop, but played fast and loose with their business, at
least sloppy and perhaps borderline illegal.  They finally today agreed to a
full refund for the cost of services and the support agreement they sold me


The company is Itech Services, also doing business as Agile.  They had posed
as being Microsoft Technical Support when giving their phone number in a pop
up ad on my computer.  Only a bit later in the phone conversation did they
disclose they were independent, claiming to have Microsoft and Apple


While the service seemed to have technical merit and appeared to resolve
problems I was having, their attention to accessibility was problematic and
the high pressure sales, initial dishonesty about their identity, and
fuzziness about their location( they said they are in VA but didn't say
where) and inability to articulate the Data Protection Act they claimed to
follow were major problems.  


The invoice only gave the bsasics of the transaction, with bank transaction
number, customer I. D., and type of agreement.  But the work done was not
itemized so it could easily be double checked to make sure they didn't also
do harm and I was not furnished with terms and conditions of the contract,
which, by the way, wascharged in a lump sum rather than a manageable payment
plan.  All this detracted from what they might have earned if they hadn't
flunked the business 101.  


So they may possibly be a valid firm but they are certainly fast and loose.


I wanted to let everyone know this had occurred last weekend, that it seems
to have been resolved, and to be cautious.  


Bill Outman 


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