[nfb-talk] Having Sleepovers with sighted friends

Judy Jones Judy.Jones at icbvi.idaho.gov
Mon Feb 27 15:05:30 UTC 2017

Oh, absolutely,  the sleep-over rules should apply to all kids and have nothing to do with blindness.  I can understand your parents not letting you go at that age, not knowing the situation you would be in, not having spoken with the parents, or knowing your friend.  

This happened a few times with our sighted girls, while they were growing up, that they were invited by people they knew from school, but parents unknown to us.  We always told them, that we would need to meet the parents if we were going to consider the request, and it worked every time.  Fortunately, the situations were good situations, and the parents very open.

Plus, this is the day of the cell phone, the girls had their phones, we did too, and had ways of getting to them if they needed to come home, which did not happen.

We also developed a phrase, I think it was, "Did you put Benjie to bed?"  Benjie was our little Lhasa Apso, and that phrase would mean, come get me.  We realized it might be embarrassing for them to say "Come get me," in front of their friends, so the Benjie phrase was a code phrase.  We never had to use that either.


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Dear Members,

The subject of this email stems from an incident that happened to me when I was in sixth grade.  One of my sighted friends invited me to a sleepover at her house.  When I went home that evening, I asked my mom if I could go to the sleepover and she said no.  I was so sad because I could not go to my friend's house.  My parents did not allow me to go because thex did not know my sighted friend or her parents.  Should blind kids be allowed to attend sleepovers with their sighted friends? Hope to hear from you soon.

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