[nfb-talk] BARD Issue

Mark Tardif markspark at roadrunner.com
Sat Jul 1 00:54:15 UTC 2017

Hi fellow Federationists.  We are getting close to National Convention time, and I have a question not related to the convention.  I am an avid user of BARD and have come up against a challenge.  I don’t remember how I did this years ago, but managed to get my downloads to automatically go to my book folder, which I entitled Book Folder on my desktop.  What an original title, right?  Anyway, I recently had my computer repaired and now when I download books, the titles end up who knows where on the hard drive.  I don’t seem to see a choice of folders.  I hit enter at the “Save As” prompt and tab a couple of times and get a prompt called “Hide Folders” but there seems to be no choice of folders.  Is it possible I have too many books in my book folder?  If not, I’d like to know how I can make sure titles go back into my book folder.  Thank you in advance and see you at Convention.      
Mark Tardif 
Nuclear arms will not hold you. 

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