[nfb-talk] Trumpcare

Jack Heim john at johnheim.com
Fri Jul 14 13:52:27 UTC 2017

 From Paul Krugman's column in the New York Times today:
"Conservative ideology always denied the proposition that people are 
entitled to health care; the Republican elite considered and still 
considers people on Medicaid, in particular, “takers” who are 
effectively stealing from the deserving rich."

The current version of the Republican health care bill has the change my 
Senator, Ron Johnson, and Senator Ted Cruz demanded -- it allows 
companies to charge extra or deny coverage to people with pre-existing 
conditions.  What kind of people could look at a bill that takes health 
care away from 20+ million people and decide that their main problem 
with it is that it requires insurance companies to accept people with 
pre-existing conditions?

Krugman is absolutely right. This has next to nothing to do with the 
alledged flaws in Obamacare. Various versions of the Republican health 
care bills have taken coverage away from 20 million to 24 million 
people. With their darwinistic view of the world, they think that's a 
good thing. The issue here really is whether we as a country are better 
off making sure people get health care or not. But you can't make this a 
stronger nation by taking health care away from 20+ million people.

Note: I get health care through my work. I am not personally a Medicaid 
recipient. I would actually benefit financially from the Republican 
health care bill.
John Heim
john at johnheim.com
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