[nfb-talk] Recommendations, please, on braille teaching materials.

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Well the new Braille out there, isn't for me.
I to come from the old school of grade two.
Guess we come from the same school smile.
Where are you moving?
This is Dar in Montana.

Original message:
> Hello Everyone,

> I am putting out feelers on several lists, in order to update my knowledge.

> I am going to be tutoring in braille since I have retired.  It has been
> several years since I have done this when I owned my own business before our
> move, and I would like to know about training materials that are
> comprehensive, yet bring the student through training quickly.

> I used to use Braille For Beginners, but that was several years ago, and I'm
> wondering if there is anything more up-to-date.

> I am a firm believer that braille can be learned in a relatively short time,
> and does not have to be dragged out over months and months.

> I also am a firm believer in memorization through use.  I encouraged my
> students to use "cheat charts" as much as necessary, as long as they were
> consistently reading.  It seems to really take the pressure off people when
> they realize they do not have to memorize before using.  The exception to
> this, I think, would be the first 10 letters of the alphabet.  The next 10
> are exactly like the first 10, except with dot 3.  The last 5 minus the W
> are exactly the same, except with dot 6 added beside dot 3.

> Anyway, this is my philosophy and, instead of reinventing the wheel, I would
> like to know of materials that mostly reflects my teaching philosophy.

> Thank you all for your collective wisdom.

> Judy Jones

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