[nfb-talk] Phenology?

Kendra Schaber redwing731 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 1 21:40:10 UTC 2017

Hi all! 
I was reading the local newspaper when I stumbled apon the term Phenology in an artical about the perdictions on the upcoming winter. The sartical informed me that phenology was the science that studdies how the seasons effect living organisms. I was stunned when I stumbled on this term because I discovered that I had been doing this for years without knowing it until that moment. I’m having trouble with finding the right science field that phenology is attached to. I found a number of projects, an add or two looking for amitures to track the number of millk thissle on farms and yes, even a course on how to become a leader of a phenology project. Unfortunently, I’m not having luck with finding the closest fields to phenology. Does anyone know where I could start my search on where to find the closest field to Phenology? I’d really appriciate this!!! 

Blessed be!!! 
Kendra Schaber 
National Federation of the Blind 
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