[nfb-talk] Example of fundraising

adrijana prokopenko adrijana.prokopenko at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 17:18:16 UTC 2017

I took this example out of a magazine for the blind published in South
Africa, haven't heard that this type of fundraising is done in the US,
so maybe it would be useful for the NFB to know about this and start
it up as a way of raising money.

Get your MySchool card
MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet is one of South Africa's biggest
fundraising programmes and allows you to support us by simply swiping
your card each time you shop and best of all, it will not cost you any
time or money!

Do this by simply applying for a free card today, and swipe your card
at any of the partner stores. They will then give back a percentage of
your purchase value, on your behalf, to the SA National Council for
the Blind at no cost to you. You can also apply for your free MySchool
/ MyVillage / MyPlanetcard by contacting Marlene Swanepoel on 012 452
3811 or via e-mail at marlene at sancb.org.za.  The SANCB will start
receiving funds as soon as you start swiping your card.

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