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>From: Salas, James, CFB
>Subject: Assistive Technology Specialist Vacancy
>Good Morning,
>We are recruiting for an Assistive Technology Specialist position with the
>Commission.  The position is in our Albuquerque office and serves Central
>and Northern New Mexico.
>The most relevant aspects of the job posting are provided below my signature
>block.  The closing date is November 6.
>To reach the job posting,
>1. Visit the following link to go directly to the posting:
>2. Go to the NM State Personnel Website at
>www.spo.state.nm.us, click the link for View Job Opportunities And Apply,
>and enter the job title in the search field.
>Applications are accepted through the New Mexico State Personnel Office
>online application system only!
>Note to Applicants: Pay particular attention to question 2 in the Specific
>Supplemental Questions section: "How many years of experience do you have
>RELATED to the PURPOSE of this position?"
>Minimum qualifications for this position are at least two years of
>experience related to the purpose of this position (that being assistive
>technology experience).  Be sure that if you indicate that you have two
>years of experience that is related to the purpose of the position, that you
>clearly describe *at least* two years of full-time equivalent related
>experience in the Work History section of the online application.
>Similarly, if you indicate in this question that you have five years of
>experience related to the purpose of the position, you must describe *at
>least* five years of full-time equivalent experience in the Work History
>section.  Regardless of the number of years of related experience that you
>claim to have in answer to this question, you will be disqualified if you do
>not substantiate that number of years in the Work Experience section of the
>application, even if you described at least the minimum number of years
>required.  For example, if you claim five years of related experience, but
>only describe four years of related experience, you will be disqualified
>even though you have at least two years of related experience (two years
>being the minimum requirement for this particular position).
>Additionally, when describing your assistive technology work experience, be
>sure to use wording that will make it easy for the analyst at the State
>Personnel Office to credit you for the requisite 24 months of assistive
>technology experience required for the position.
>Note to screen reader users: Recent updates to this online application
>utility have made it very difficult to complete independently using screen
>reading technology.  Screen reader users who experience difficulty with the
>application utility should notify Ms. Andrea Rivera-Smith of the State
>Personnel Office at (505) 695-5606 for assistance.  She can also confirm
>that your application (including uploaded transcripts, licenses, etc.) has
>been successfully received for consideration.
>Please forward this announcement to any individuals that you believe might
>be interested in a great job with our agency.  Interested individuals can
>contact either Mr. Curtis Chong, Manager, Assistive Technology Program, or
>me to discuss the position.  Mr. Chong can be reached in Albuquerque at
>505.383.2239 or at Curtis.Chong at state.nm.us.
>Thank you.
>James L. Salas
>Deputy Director
>NM Commission for the Blind
>Phone 505.383.2251
>James.Salas at state.nm.us
>New Mexico Commission for the Blind
>Vacancy Announcement
>- Job Title: Assistive Technology Specialist
>- Full/Part Time: Full-Time
>- Regular/Temporary: Regular - Permanent
>- Closing Date: November 6, 2017
>- Pay Grade: 65
>- Salary: The salary range for this position is $31,782 - $55,307 Annually,
>($15.28 - $26.59 Hourly).  Offered salary will be based on education and
>- Benefits: Full State of New Mexico benefits, including health insurance,
>life insurance, retirement, sick leave, annual leave, and ten holidays.
>- Purpose of Position: This position will support blind/visually impaired
>clients by evaluating their technology and assistive technology needs,
>analyzing their education and workplace environments, researching solutions
>to technical/accessibility problems, configuring and delivering customized
>personal computer systems and assistive technology, and orienting and
>training clients in the use of technology and assistive technology in order
>to help them obtain or maintain employment.
>- Minimum Education and Experience requirements: Associates degree and two
>(2) years of professional experience in assistive technology related to
>blindness or low vision. Experience in this job classification or related
>classification may substitute for the required education on a year for year
>-- If you have indicated in your application that you have an education
>higher than a high school diploma or GED, you must attach a copy of your
>unofficial transcript to the application. Your application WILL NOT be
>considered for further review if you have failed to provide this
>- Working Conditions:
>-- Work is generally performed in an office setting, though work requires
>frequent visits to client homes, secondary and post-secondary schools, and
>employer locations; regular exposure to Visual/Video Display Terminal (VDT),
>personal computers, printers, scanners, video magnifiers, and Braille
>displays/embossers; and requires extensive telephone usage. Duties require
>lifting of typical computer hardware, as well as walking, standing, sitting,
>bending, and crawling. Regularly works with individuals with secondary
>disabilities, some of which resulting in challenging behaviors. Occasionally
>exposed to service animals. Regular travel is required throughout Central
>and Northern New Mexico, including occasional overnight travel.
>- Bargaining Unit: This position is covered by a collective bargaining
>agreement and all terms/conditions of that agreement apply and must be
>adhered to.
>- Agency Contact Information: Kelly Quintana, (505) 476.4456
>- There are also approximately ten questions addressing education,
>experience, and specialized qualifications.
>-- end

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