[nfb-talk] Glass and ceramics in the kitchenand the blind

d m gina dmgina at samobile.net
Sun Apr 1 00:53:59 UTC 2018

I understand what mom is saying,
if you feel you can work with the dishes, give it a second chance, then 
if it happens again change them out.
Many persons brake glass dishes.

Original message:
> I thought this was a settled issue, but apparently it isn't even in my own
> family.  It is coming up because I broke botu a ceramic mug and glass cup
> while washing and putting away dishes this week.  Even though my mom has a
> live in partner who is also totally blind who she met through me, she feels
> it is unsafe for me to have such items in my kitchen, being concerned about
> the difficulty I may have cleaning up the broken items.  I also have type 2
> diabetes, and she is concerned I might step on something broken with bare
> feet.

> Mom says she would be just as concerned about sighted people having glass or
> ceramics, but ZI still feel the comments are overprotective.

> Thouths, please.

> Happy Easter for those who celebrate that.

> Bill Outman

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