[nfb-talk] FW: If you are interested in the world of digital reading,

Andrews, David B (DEED) david.b.andrews at state.mn.us
Wed Apr 4 14:35:39 UTC 2018

From: George Kerscher [mailto:kerscher at montana.com]
Subject: If you are interested in the world of digital reading,

then you are invited to learn more about a crowd source initiative 
that will improve the reading experience for everybody, and 
especially those with reading differences.

The DAISY Consortium, a member of the W3C and the Book Industry Study 
Group (BISG) is conducting evaluations of reading Apps and ereaders 
in the market today. The evaluation examines the fundamental 
accessibility and usability of the reading apps (all platforms) or 
devices; many people we are looking for will be using Assistive 
Technology, like a screen reader to perform the tests. However, we 
are also looking for anybody with a reading difference or 
universities and schools that are interested in helping to develop 
the best reading experience possible.

We have set up a landing page that explains exactly what we are 
doing, and it provides an opportunity to get involved.

Please visit:


Please forward to those you feel may be interested.

Please excuse us if you get this more than once.



George Kerscher Ph.D.

-In our Information Age, access to information is a fundamental human right.

Chief Innovations Officer, DAISY Consortium


Senior Advisor, Global Literacy, Benetech


President, International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF)


Member of the National Museum and Library Services  Board (IMLS)


Chair Steering Council Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), a division 
of the W3C


Phone: +1 406/549-4687

Cell:+1 406/544-2466

Email: <mailto:kerscher at montana.com>kerscher at montana.com

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