[nfb-talk] Glass and ceramics in the kitchenand the blind

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I would like to thank everyone for their feedback.  Obviously it's not a
clear cut, pardon the pun, concern on the part of others as to whether it is
blindness or general safety.  I have been living separately from my mom, but
she has lived in town the last couple years.  

I have type 2 diabetes but no neuropathy from that but have other fine motor
issues that have made Braille difficult.  Carefully examining the floor and
vacuuming it is what I have done also, doing that barefoot is an interesting

Getting a dog hair embedded in your foot is an interesting accident to have,
Terry, hadn't thought of that one, even though we've all probably had the
occasional wood splinter.  

Paper, plastic, glass and ceramic all have their place, I agree.  I have
tened to prefer a solid cup when having my hot tea in the morning, and
occasionally later in the day as well.  

I almost wished I hadn't mentioned the incidents to my mom, and the whole
thing may have been compounded by our both being concerned about each other.
This all occurred at a time when she had a failed medical procedure which
has since been resolved positively.  This all seems to have settled down

Bill Outman 

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My opinion is that the way to handle situations like this is to calmly
explain to your family that the decision is yours alone. Explain that while
you value their suggestions, you have to make decisions like this yourself.
Your loved one will probably understand that. If they don't, you should hold
firm. Try to avoid arguing about it, simply hold firm.

Of course, it behooves each of us not to take unnecessary risks. As I was
losing my vision, I kept on running outdoors for excersize long after it was
safe. I fell down a lot and cracked my scalp open a few times before my
sister read me the riot act. Eventually I got back into running with a
sighted guide.

Having glassware in the home is not a life threatening risk. An adult ought
to be able to make that decision on their own.

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