[nfb-talk] Fwd: [duxnews] NEW Perky Duck for Mac and Windows

Jack Heim john at johnheim.com
Wed Apr 18 14:54:36 UTC 2018

How does Perky Duck work? Does it allow you to press several keys at 
once like a Perkins Brailler? Do you need a special keyboard?

I was thinking of writing something for linux but I couldn't get past 
the keyboard issue. Somebody sent me some code that allowed you to type 
characters by pressing a key for each dot in the braille cell in 
sequence. So to write the letter g, for example, you pressed the f key 
for dot 1, d for dot 2, j for dot 4, k for dot 5, and finally the space 
bar to say that's the character. I don't think you had to type them in 
order but you still had to press 5 5 keys just to make a g. At the time, 
I thought that was unacceptable. But at the time, I thought there was 
probably some way to press several keys at once. Turns out the hardware 
itself doesn't allow that. Keyboards won't send a f and a d and a j and 
a k all at once to the operating system. So I gave up on the whole idea 
but now I am thinking that was a mistake. It might be slow to have to 
press 5 keys in sequence to insert a g but it's better than nothing.
I was thinking of trying to see if you can use the bottom row of keys 
like a Perkins Brailler. For example, it might be possible to press the 
left alt, left windows, right alt, and right windows keys all at once to 
represent a g.

On 04/17/2018 07:47 PM, David Andrews via nfb-talk wrote:
>> Duxbury Systems ANNOUNCING NEW Perky Duck for MAC and Perky Duck for 
>> Windows!
>> Perky Duck is a free simple braille editor.
>> Perky is a computer-based Perkins brailler emulator.
>> It is used in distance education to demonstrate your understanding of 
>> braille.
>> There is one download for Windows, and one download for the Mac.
>> You can find Perky Duck by going to our web site (link below) and 
>> clicking on All Products to get to the Product page. Then scroll down!
>> <http://www.DuxburySystems.com>www.DuxburySystems.com
>> Sincerely,
>> Neal For the Info Desk
>> <mailto:info at duxsys.com>info at duxsys.com
>> +1-978-692-3000
>> Duxbury Systems, Inc.
>> Braille Solutions for the world since 1976!
>> <http://www.DuxburySystems.com>www.DuxburySystems.com
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