[nfb-talk] Any advice on taking pictures when totally blind?

Jim Portillo portillo.jim at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 18:02:51 UTC 2018

Good morning everyone,

This seems to be a great resource with several folks who can advise me well.
I'm going to be taking a vacation that I've been planning for a while.
As with all vacations, people enjoy taking and looking at pictures to
share with others.  I've got an iPhone 7 with the latest IOS, and I'm
totally blind.
Are there good ways or methods for taking decent pictures or selfies
without always having to ask a sighted person to do it for you?
Much of the time, I'll be with other blind people as well.
Any good tips or resources for taking pictures would be much
appreciated. Can one just use the general camera app or is there a
better app for that?

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