[NFB-Talk] IRS Lawsuit

Kaye Baker kaye.j.zimpher at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 23:53:38 UTC 2019

Hello list:

I don't post here often, but a recent message I read from Chris Danielson
got my attention. The post alleges that the NFB will file suit against the
IRS for not sending Braille notices to blind taxpayers. I have to say, that
in general, I have agreed with most endeavors the NFB has taken on, but I
find this one to be a bit flawed. First, the post states that the agency
should mail Braille/large print notices to blind Taxpayers. How would an
agency that processes over 100 million returns per year keep up with this
information? Some of us do self identify by checking the "blindness" box on
the return, but many do not. Furthermore, there are a number of Taxpayers
who are blind and who do not read Braille. Secondly, I think there should be
a sense of personal responsibility here. I can speak for myself only, but I
feel it is my responsibility to read my own mail. Technology has advanced to
the point that I no longer need a sighted reader, and while I rarely receive
paper letters of importance, I use technology to read them as often as I get
time. We all strive to be first class citizens, and for access to be
afforded to us just as our piers would, but we also have to take ownership
of our own situations.

Please accept this message as it was intended. I do not mean to criticize
any person, but I am simply voicing my opinion. I am sure there will be
those who disagree and that is your right.

Best regards

Kaye Baker

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