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Actually I would be happy to receive all of their info by email. This could be done through encrypted email, as I do in my own private practice as a psychotherapist. I have a secure website and people can register on it and then everything sent through that site is encrypted.

Karen Rose MFT/LPCC www.career-therapy.net

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> While it would be really nice to only receive material electronically, I
> think it will be a long time before that actually happens. Mail while not
> used as often as in the past is here to stay. Some agencies, such as the
> IRS, send letters because secure information is contained within. Would you
> want your social Security number sent in an email? I certainly would not.
> I'm sorry to say, but I think it is irresponsibible not to read one's mail. 
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> Hi. This is Karen one of the three people in the lawsuit. :-) Actually, it
> is my policy specifically not to read anything in print. Anyone who knows me
> will send things by email. Snail mail is completely outdated, and anyone
> contacting me is probably contacting occupant and not me. I will not read
> government correspondence that is in snail mail format because I believe
> that snail mail is completely unnecessary
> Karen Rose MFT/LPCC www.career-therapy.net
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>> I agree, I don't think one should scoff at someone's situation.  And if
> one is self-employed, that can make a big difference because one has to
> figure estimated tax.  I went through this once and ended up owing $2300 in
> taxes. That was the mother of shockers.  Fortunately, I was able to pay it
> immediately, but it was a nasty surprise.  But it does seem like there is a
> dual responsibility here, a big part of which lies with the IRS, but also to
> an extent with the blind taxpayer.
>> Mark Tardif
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