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I PURRsonally do not care for FaceBook. It is so "busy" and changes so frequently that it is not always the most accessible platform around.

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There are also Facebook groups.

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Some years ago, the Braille Institute of America produced a series called Sound Solutions. This series discussed a variety of topics including home management, cooking, daily independent living skills, and a few other things. There are even a couple of episodes on what to do if a loved one or family member goes blind.

These programs came out before the iPhone and all the digital technology we now have. For what it's worth, the link is


I've revisited this series from time to time. Hearing it has me thinking: Is there a need for a current, up to date podcast series discussing topics such as safe cooking, home management, and the use of alternative techniques of blindness.

One thing I notice listening again to this series is that they're highly produced. Since this is coming out of Los Angeles, I'm not surprised they did that.

Here's my thinking. While we have our excellent training centers, I realize that in rural parts of the country, it's more difficult to find resources. However, I do notice that the Hadley Institute is also offering workshops.

Also, I've seen a lot of mainstream books, especially on how to organize your house, that we can use. I myself have taken tips from a lot of these mainstream books that are on Bard and Audible.

So is there a need for a topical podcast on such things as home management and cooking? If no, I can understand why. If yes, what could we do differently?

Any thoughts? Thanks.
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