[NFB-Talk] A Few Observations

Tina Hansen th404 at comcast.net
Fri Dec 4 04:49:12 UTC 2020

I wanted to make a couple of observations.


While I have nothing against the federal rehabilation system, it strikes me
time and again how people I know come up with incredibly simple and
effective alternative techniques for understanding concepts I read or hear


Not long ago, a friend and I were going through a book I couldn't find in
audio. My friend, who know I am blind, helped me understand a concept using
a plate with different textures to illustrate the concept. This friend knew
that I am blind and not stupid, which is one of our tenants.


This is another reason why I'm wondering if we should do a podcast, both as
an outreach tool and as a way to share knowledge with each other. Face it,
in this time of craziness, we need to find ways to take advantage of
technology. Thanks.

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