[NFB-Talk] looking for someone to braille Spanish flash cards

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Wed Dec 9 19:23:23 UTC 2020

Hey, Lauren, are you an Optacon user?


That would be one way.





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Does anyone out there know of someone who can put braille on some
English/Spanish flash cards? In contacting several transcribing units, I've
discovered that they do documents, from computer, transcribing documents
into braille, but not something as small as cards. The cards are about the
size of business cards. 


They said that if I could put the material in a pdf or Word document, they
could braille them for me. I wouldn't know if the cards were upside-down or
the backs instead of the fronts. Using the KNFB reader would take
hours/days/months for me to do.


There used to be volunteer groups who would do something like this.


Please let me know if you know of someone, but not if you don't.


Lauren Merryfield

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